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Swim in a Puddle

Back in ’94 I had the awesome opportunity to travel with a company called African Trails, down across & down Africa covering 22 countries one of which was Zaire now known as The Congo. It was the rainy season when we got to The Congo and the jungles were wet, green, overgrown & muddy. The roads were not tarred they were mud in most cases and from our first border crossing into the Congo, to our first town – we had 56 bridges to cross and a distance of about 400kms to travel. These bridges were made of logs of trees that in many cases were rotting away.  Not good when your 20 ton Leyland truck with all your worldly possessions were in them, had to cross safely – each time. There was seldom room for a 2nd chance.

One fine day, traveling with another truck full of adventurers namely The Hobos, we came to a puddle – the biggest puddle on a road I’d ever seen. There was no work to be done to this puddle, as normally we would re-route a river that crossed a road or build a bridge or dig the mud out until we were able to safely maneuver through the obstacle. Today was a different day as we had only 1 choice and that was to drive straight through the puddle. We did need to know how deep the “puddle” was – so I volunteered to walk it.

Amazing what you’ll do when encouraged by your team,  as my walk became a swim.  I think I might be one of the very few people in the world to have ever had a swim in a puddle.

Why does this matter?

Have you ever done something out of the ordinary – ever volunteered to do something others won’t? If you have you know the satisfaction & the growth (yes growth) you get from doing something extraordinary. It’s one of those amazing gifts you are given you must take and run with because few will. Find the courage inside – we all have courage. You must trust yourself and especially your intuition that this opportunity is for you. And having that experience in your personal tool bag enables you to apply it to anything challenging further down your path. “Yes, I can” becomes your mantra – what a  powerful mantra to keep reinforcing your subconscious.

Step out of your comfort zone just once, twice, three times until you have no idea what your comfort zone ever was. Take that leap of faith or just swim in a puddle and your life will never be the same again.  Here’s the video of my swim.

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