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Show Me the Money

Isn’t strange how the people with very little money are the people who generally will say they have no money to invest in themselves – when that’s is exactly what is required of them in order to change their circumstances.

So many are looking for more and when the action is required to change your life, the courage to find the money to make that happen evaporates. For some I am sure it’s a lot easier to stay in the rut and follow the herd – never experiencing their true potential because they don’t have faith in themselves at that right time. If you had only a few bucks left in your wallet and your car broke down miles from home – would you pay someone $400 to get it towed or would you leave the car on the street and hope that all 4 wheels are still there when you return to it. We’d find the money to tow the car yet people in these tight spots seldom find the courage to find the money to invest in their own education & growth.

It is so easy to find a credit card these days in fact they hand them out freely in all the countries I have lived in. Get one online with just a few easy clicks you can have half a dozen mailed to you the next day. Money is what you need to get you out of the thinking that got you into this tight spot to begin with.

From personal experience the money always comes in a weird way, when you step up and take that leap of faith . I was “crewing” a huge UK Tony Robbins UPW event in 2000 and listening on the sides to Tony’s particular lesson. In this session he asked the audience to make a decision that will absolutely change your life for ever. It had to be a big decision – life changing. At the time I had ended a training contract British Airways a few months earlier and had nearly finished renovating my apartment so my money was spent. My life changing decision was to fly to Hawaii that September (only 3 months away) and attend the best Tony Robbins seminar – Life Mastery. This was going to cost me a thousands of pounds. I didn’t have the money at the time – that didn’t stop me.

I broke all the rules I had been taught in my stocks & share trading course and listened in to a tip on a chat room. Bought the stock pretty cheap and the price rocketed. Just in time for the seminar I sold it all and paid for my trip to Hawaii. Credit cards followed however I had found a way and it was all by chance that this stock I picked increased in share price because I was really new to trading at that stage.

How did my life change from this experience, well I met my now husband in Hawaii on the same seminar as I was (with 1500 other people) 2 children and several stamps in the passport my life has changed dramatically.

My point is – if there is an opportunity to improve your circumstances and you have to find the cash to move forward, FIND THE CASH, it will be worth it I promise.

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