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Seeing is believing

We have all heard that expression “seeing is believing” and used it countless times.  Perhaps we need to see (in our minds eye) then believe then see it again (on paper)  to reinforce our belief about it, repeat this process over & over  until finally the goal manifests and we are aghast with surprise we blurt out “OMG seeing is believing”. How many truly thought about it in context to  yesterday’s blog.
I know I have had success without this knowledge  and without even drawing pictures or maps of goals. The idea or image was something I was passionate about and saw in my mind’s eye. The next story illustrates that my intention manifested the goal – although it wasn’t so much a goal as an idea. It was still meant to be and I must have given it enough energy /power to have it manifest years later. Here’s what happened.
On arriving in the UK with my backpack on my back, my friend Lauren & I moved in with my cousins as we had no where else to stay. As backpackers we didn’t have much money either. I had to find a job and as my cousin was high up on the Anglo American corporate ladder in HR, what better person to discuss my career with than Mik. Options were tossed across  the dining table regularly, as we did not want to over stay our welcome – one of those ideas I felt quietly passionate about was entertaining children on “cool stuff” not telly tubbies or pink dinosaurs. I wanted to get on TV so I could reach the masses and put a kids program together to teach them about themselves – their incredible mind’s and the power of thought. That idea was abandoned due to zero experience and even less money to get it started.
Years later however I was looking for another contract in training as I had my business by this time and a wealth of experience in corporate training with NLP qualifications among many others. A friend who worked for a Children’s Educational Company invited me to join them and  the role I had was to go into schools and teach little 5 year olds up to 15 years olds, all about their minds. How their brain learns, mind mapping and accelerated learning skills. Photographed with Tony Buzan – the man who put “mind mapping ” on the map and I got to work with Tony for a day teaching his accelerated learning skill to school children.  Looking back after teaching 1000s of children I realized this was that program I had wanted to do except it came about not on television, in person instead. It was one of the most rewarding  roles I have had and I have taught these skills to corporate world ever since. More importantly I know that this was the manifestation of that original idea.  Now if I can do this visualising so can you – what are you passionate about ?? Put time aside to getting clear about your passions and your future and then allow it to happen. Be patient & never give up. Seeing is believing after all.

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