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Power of The Mind Starts With FOCUS.

When I was about 13 years old/new, I was in my second high school year, I was living in Johannesburg South Africa at the time. I went one night with some girl friends for pizza. Little did I know that this pizza night would have such a profound influence  on the rest of my life. Here’s why…
After enjoying an “eat as much as you can” pizza night at our local Pizza Hut, the girls & I went wandering through the shopping mall, window shopping as all the shop closed by 5pm in those days. We came to an area that had tables and chairs stacked up at which point one of the girls suggested why do an experiment to see how powerful our minds are.
That was it – the turning point in my life for had I not heard those few words my life would have been very different today , or would it.
So we pulled a chair down from its stack and the smallest in our group sat in it whilst the rest of us stood around her. We were then instructed to use just 2 fingers from each hand to lift the chair up. Impossible isn’t it for 4 young girls to use two fingers from each hand to lift our friend and her chair into the air. Then last instruction came ” you have to believe you can do it ” – that was it. No trance or hypnotic state required, we were all sober as we were too young to be  drinking alcohol, and that was all we were instructed to do. So the count down began from 3, 2,,,1,,,, and up the chair went with our friend in it with ease and joy.
OMG !!!! Was the overall reaction.
Let’s do it again only this time we had the heaviest girl sit in the chair. 3,,,2,,,1 and up she went too. How was this possible. I asked if we could repeat the process only this time secretly I was not going to “use my mind” so I was going to use brute strength to lift this  larger than life friend. 3,,,2,,,1,,,OW!!!! I quickly changed my mind to avoid my secret getting out and up she went again.
From that moment on I knew that what ever we believe or put all of our mind and focus on,  we could achieve. I wished I had applied that to my high school academic career and not just the physical stuff. Ho Hum.  10  Years later I was completing an overland adventure through 22 countries in Africa. We were camped on a Tanzanian beach – a particularly rough beach with loads of broken shells, seaweed and small rocks everywhere. Needless to say it was a beach (yay)  after 6 months of jungle and desert. I had bought an Africa pendant in Central African Republic which I wore proudly as I was the only “African” on our expedition. Long story shorter, I lost it whilst swimming at this rough beach in Tanzania. As I walked out of the sea from my swim I realized I had lost it , turned to my good friend Dotty and told her I was going to find it. Dotty was shocked and tried to dissuade me due to the state of the beach, the tide was shifting all the rocks around and she didn’t believe I’d ever find it. Clearly Dotty hadn’t lifted a friend in a chair with 2 fingers from each hand. I remembered that if I put my mind to something I could do it. Yes I found it after much swimming, walking and searching in a large area where we had been swimming. I did not give up and it took at least 30 minutes of searching. It wasn’t the pendant I saw either , it was the leather thong that I saw poking out from under a rock. This could easily have been mistaken for seaweed of which there was plenty on this beach too.
What a great metaphor for any opportunity coming your way. You have focused on it,  you are searching, doing what you think needs to be done to achieve it, you believe it’s going to happen – do you see the pendant or the leather thong that leads to the pendant. Would you have found the opportunity if you had not grabbed the leather thong or seen the bigger picture ?
These were two almighty  moments for me and great certainty filled my body on both occasions. I knew when I returned to civilization, I want to change my career and work with minds not computers. I had been a computer programmer up to that time,  now it was time to learn how to program minds.
Here  are the key elements for you to apply from these stories,
  1. What is it you want
  2. Focus on it and you will get it
  3. Be patient and stay focused
The lesson or key in each story is the same. So lets apply this to our life.  Think about each area of your life – what is it you want to achieve in your family life? Happiness is a good start, what are you focusing right now ?
What about your wealth & finances ?
Your home & your health?
Your lifestyle including your career ?
You can make a collage or mind map (more about mind maps in a future blog) of your goals using pictures cut out from a glossy magazine. I know this works because it has worked for me over & over again. Whilst living in London years ago Porsche released their new Boxster & Boxster S. My heart was set on owning one but they were very expensive. I wanted a bright yellow convertible Boxster.  Below is a picture of my bright yellow convertible  Boxster I owned in Seattle – yes my dream or vision came true again. I made a map of my life. I  drew pictures of what I wanted to achieve in each area of my life and looked at it regularly then let it go, packed up a few houses and eventually moved to Seattle.  This is where it manifested,  I owned, loved and raced my Boxster.  I also found this map whilst packing up again to move down under and had to smile to see the how many of my goals had manifested, had happened as I had drawn up just a few years ago.
I hope that this has inspired you to think more about what you really want from life. Please take 5 minutes ok 10 minutes then, and  get a big piece of paper to map out your dreams and desires. It’s a picture plan or a vision board of your future so have fun with it. Use lots of coloured pens – thick ones so you can go big. Look at it everyday knowing that its all coming your way. Then you have to be open to what you will need to do to achieve these goals, so make sure you include the words “fun” and “ease” as you want it to be easy and lots of fun – right ??  Up up & away !!!

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