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I am now a MumPreneur – it’s official

I am so proud to say I am a MumPreneur. What does that mean some people have never heard the term “Mumpreneur ” is it hyphenated or not ??  For those in the dark, I work from home, I have my own business (no change there I hear you say) except this time I work my business around my kids (a 3-year-old & a 1-year-old). So this blog is a quick start, 5 Top Tips for all those contemplating working from home. The benefits to your kids of you being with them through these most important years are vast –  and of course the benefit to you – to use your brain + your passions again = a wonderfully successful business. Happy Kids Happy Mums

So here are my 5 Top Tips:
    1. Get a diet that works and keeps your family healthy so you don’t get down times of sickness. This is key. It is so important not to cave into sweeties and bags of crisps or chips, biscuits and the likes just so you can ping an email across to a client. We found the Paleolithic way of eating works the best for us. Fortunately, it is said to be the healthiest way of eating and is SO easy. STOP eating grains, dairy and legumes. Of course sugars refined and fructose are a huge NO NO  – we all know that right (?) so no more fizzy drinks no more juices unless you juice the fruit or veggie yourself it is just sugar in a can/bottle. The rest is easy and for more go to and – download their podcasts and get educated on the subject. Then try it out for 30 days at least. You’ll find the blood type diet, china project and many other diets have all been debunked for reasons you’ll hear about on these free podcasts. Healthy kids mean kids that sleep well which means you have more time to work and you are healthy too to stay up later to make those calls after running a hectic day. It is so worth it.
    2. Learn From Your Kids. Mine are so creative and I’d bet yours are too. All children so pure and without limiting beliefs or any beliefs really so will share so much creativity if you let them. My beautiful son just the other day decide to make cupcakes out of play dough and sand and plaster scene. The kitchen cupboards and shelves were stripped of every necessary utensil /cup/bowl required for the making of these incredible cupcakes. It was a joy to watch him interpret what he had seen me doing in the kitchen into his own world. Made me more aware of my communication and of course, see the ingredients to the cupcakes may be what I needed for a marketing campaign ie to mix it up – use technologies I had never dreamed of using before and have plenty of colors.
    3. Multitasking is Inevitable. It is possible to talk on the phone to a client whilst building blocks with your littlest. We never let our 3-year-old watch telly until he was 2 years old now I confess I will put on an episode of Winnie the Pooh for him if I need time to learn a new skill or make an important call. My littlest though seems content if I am with her even if I am talking to the phone which occasionally she’ll try to snatch away from me. So get creative with your calls, get creative with your time too. I use a break to fetch the post as a time to let go of it all and not think about too much other than what’s happening in that present moment. When you are so excited about something it keeps you up late at night and wakes you early, that’s true passion, sometimes it’s hard to not to think about your business. So a walk up the drive to fetch the post is such an adventure as we find bugs, count our resident spiders,  collect sticks for the fire, maybe do a sprint up the drive too. So much “in the moment” stuff to do that has your children’s attention and connection.
    4. I wondered if my sudden interest in my computer would have an impact on my kids and of course, it did. So I make the most of our mornings together until lunch or a snooze and then after their snoozes have ended we get together again. It is so exciting when you are so passionate about your business and the urge to sit at your desk, turning away from your little ones is a constant for me. Those urges become easier if you give them your undivided attention first and foremost until they turn to their own toys and are content to do their own thing. Then you get that gap to look at your emails etc
    5. Lastly remember (rule #1 as a trainer from my corporate world life ) “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”. If you plan their sleep to coincide with calls to customers, be prepared to have your plans change just at the worst possible moment. Then get creative again to juggle both – kids & the call, that’s already started. It happens and we Mumpreneurs are
    • the most creative because we learn from our kids;
    • we are highly  flexible & selfless (not SELFISH enough many times)
    • we have to be as our kids are way too important to us;
    • We are  determined – we gave birth so say no more
    • we have the strength of several strong men, as we will lift a car to free our child if we ever were in that unfortunate position

Whatever can go wrong may very well go wrong so GO WITH THE FLOW !!! Planning is one thing execution is something completely different. Our beautiful beings we brought into the world, are so in tune with us – they will mirror you all the time. If you are cranky they will be. If you are excited and full of beans –  they will be. If you are nervous about a work related issue – they will be nervous and fidgety too and thus pester you for your attention. That’s life and that’s the best one to remember to remember. So spend as much time in their worlds before dashing off to send an email in your world.

Those are my TOP 5 Tips for my MumPreneur friends and DadPreneurs too. If you thought to have kids meant the end to your career or your kids were destined to be brought up in daycare, think again. It is a possible to work from home successfully and we’re in a very fortunate position now as we have the leverage of the internet to make it happen. Have a wild one.


Two very happy and healthy kids

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