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Who remembers “Marco Polo” in the pool

What a great game for young and old. And how is it that everybody knows Marco Polo – the game played in the pool. Remember : Someone closes their eyes and swims about calling “Marco”, whilst the rest of the players avoid being caught, answer “Polo”. I remember as a child we played this game for hours, until our skin had wrinkled from being in the water for too long.
Until recently – it seems I was playing Marco Polo with my leads. I know they are out there – somewhere, “Marco”…. “Polo” they’d respond. Occasionally I caught one and then 2 and so it continued as the game does. As a “Mum-preneur” you have to get smarter by learning more tactics on tracking them down and in a pool or www full of potentially millions of leads – anything is possible. I then found a solution to my lead generation and happy to share. No more Marco Polo for me, my leads find me. Here’s a link to more information if you are in a similar situation. Until next time “Marco‚Ķ.”

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