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How to use your bad habits for great success

The thin edge of the wedge has been used for years to help people understand the value of will power to reach their goals. The story goes, don’t let the thin edge of the wedge (The bad habit) get back in at all or it will literally drive a wedge into your new behavior. For me this has always proven to be the kicker, that thin edge always works it’s way back in there.

Wedge 1

The secret is to turn it around the other way and use the thin edge of your wedge to crack your bad habits, be it procrastination, fear of failure, limiting beliefs, smoking, watching too much TV, overeating etc. Each time you do the new behavior imagine the thin edge of the wedge driving into the old way of doing things. Let’s have a look at how we can make it work for you.

Wedge 2

Both good and bad, use the thin edge of the wedge to both achieve your goals and also ensure you stay on track. Most of us at one time or another (In my case all my life) have been on a diet or tried to give up a particularly bad habit or vice and somehow slowly but surely the thin edge of the wedge has made its way in and sabotaged our efforts. Here is the scenario you have been doing really well and sticking to your diet or on track to beat that bad habit and the situation arises where you are faced with a decision, Do I accept that ice cream, cigarette or invitation to go out on the town? You know you have been good and so justify to yourself that just one won’t hurt me and I will make up for it next week. So you do it and then next minute you know you are justifying another one saying you may as well enjoy it while you can. Sound familiar? Absolutely. This is a scene you can use to your advantage to reach your goals Work.

The new thin edge helps you to project a new identity from within which is a very powerful concept which I will cover in more depth in another post, essentially you have to make that new behavior part of your identity. For example, if you are changing your eating habits you have to have an identity of someone who is thin. I used this concept to finally nail the fitness and fat up and down at 43 years of age. I took on the identity of a fitness fanatic who was into Paleo lifestyle and then told everyone I could about what I was doing and why.

Wedge 4

Top tips:

  • Tell everyone you have a bad habit and you are going to change it, by when and most importantly START WITH WHY.
  • Publish it on Facebook etc with before and after pictures, make a Youtube video etc Positive Peer Group pressure is very powerful
  • Imagine this as the thin edge of the wedge driving the good habit into the bad habit for the first 21 days, then defend that new habit from the thin edge of the wedge getting back in.
  • Invest time and energy into your new lifestyle.

Use it in all aspects of your life – family, business and social – eventually, it will be a big fat wedge of success.

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