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Happy bloggday to me

Yo Yo YO !!!

As I have just begun my blogging career I thought I’d give you an insight into my thoughts & beliefs. I hope to post a blog or video (yes I will put my youtube link up as soon as it’s sorted) everyday with something for you to learn /take away and apply to your day/week/life. My intention is to make a difference in your life even if it’s starts a just a small change here & there. So here it is my first blog, and it sums up me pretty much. Thanks for popping in ,,,

The Truth Is…….
That we are thinking Beings.
That we have total control over how we experience events that are happening to us.
That we are all on the same journey.
We all have the ability inside of us to become enlightened.
That “heaven” and “hell” are right here in the moment.
We have a choice in whether we want to live in hell or live in Heaven.
That life is a constant learning and growing experience.
That there are teachings in everything.
That we are all made from the same energy and have the same spiritual nature no matter what race, creed or colour we are.
That the creator is in every one and everything.
That it is through the Three principles that we experience life in every moment.
That only the now exists
That the past and the future do not exist and are only thoughts.
That we are all created equal.
That if we see the teachings in everything we will grow spiritually.
That only thought puts a boundary on the levels of consciousness we can reach.
That as long as we have faith in ourselves and keep a good feeling all the time life will take care of us.
That thoughts like worry, stress, anger, and sadness are only thought created.
That a good feeling is only one thought away and therefore mental health is only one thought away.
That thought has no power unless we give it power and life.
That the more you share this understanding the more you will receive and grow.
That the truth is and can only be found in a feeling.
That words can only take you to the door, you have to walk through it.
That this understanding is easy to talk about but the one who truly hears what they are saying will benefit.
That teachings have been passed on but the true meaning of these teachings is not understood. It has been lost in the words.
That circumstances do not deny us our innate health.
That what we have learned is something that we can live in, all the time.
That a good feeling comes from you and you alone.
That we are all walking a divine path and should know that we are never too far from this path.
That the Love, God, the Universe And the Creator are all the same thing.
That a good feeling is your feeling and yours to feel whenever you want no matter what is going on around you.
Unfortunately I don’t know who wrote this awesome piece, I just love it as it describes me & my beliefs so eloquently. I have included a photo of myself in my bliss, my most connected state where I have a profound feeling  oneness. Until next time, choose to be in your bliss – it’s a thought away.

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