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Hands Up “Supermums”

Before reading any further know that in my opinion, ALL Mums are heroes. All Mums are SuperMums – some may stand out from the crowd and it’s those I am writing about. As an active Mum of two under 4-year-olds, with a busy home business, I find myself wondering how Mums can put their kids into daycare and miss out on so many magic moments with their children. There are so many possibilities and so many opportunities to set up a home business in a field you are passionate about. Ideally, if you want your partner involved you need to find a business both of you are passionate about. Some examples of what we have tried are the travel industry network marketing, protein shakes & multivitamins, goji juice was a hit once too not to mention foreign exchange trading and Amway was our first introduction to this world. What variety.  In an economy where media are reporting dull stories and scare tactics about all our countries struggling economies, few are focusing on the HUGE and I mean the enormous economy of the World Wide Web. Oh yes – if you can learn to market online you will make your fortune in a relatively short space of time and then do what you want.

Or you could go back to a cubicle and have a boss and not see your kids for 3,4 or 5 days of the week. I would hate to miss 1 day of magic moments with my two, especially in their first 3-5 years i.e. prior to school. Every day we have a magic moment and every day I feel blessed we are able to be in this situation.

My determination to NOT go the daycare route meant we had to find an alternative to me NOT working in an office again. Working in an office would have been tough as I have worked from home for years. Having run a corporate training company from my home – I had my trainers at a clients site and used the client’s facilities to work out of, occasionally would have my accountant work at home with me to do the books & taxes etc.  I ran 2 companies in two different countries at the same time for a period of about 3 years before packing them both in and traveling around the world. So going to an office, commuting further than from my bedroom to my kid’s rooms to the kitchen was unthinkable.

A wise man once told me if I wanted to increase my bank balance I would have to increase my value I add to society. So get educated, learn something that will help someone else. That’s the ticket and if you have a community of people doing just that you can learn from – the formula is certain, you will succeed and achieve your goals. Use the extra bonus material from the Secret Movie, the words of Esther Hicks, Bob Proctor, and the likes, or just put your passions into action. Learn & apply and help others to do the same.

Not only will you be a SuperMum for spending so much time with your beautiful children, your business will flourish for all you are giving to the world. The ripple in the pond SuperMums, reaches parts you’d never imagine and with the pond or rather the www at your fingertips – quite literally your commute is reduced drastically, your customers – well there are over 2 BILLION internet users now, your sleep initially may be less than usual as you get your education and your boss is yourself. Let your creativity free again and your SuperMum caring empathetic and disciplined attitude free to run your business.   You’ll be surprised and hooked. It’s my way of life and it works. It’s almost like waking up for those who have never tried to run their own business when you suddenly see the potential and the opportunity and the chance to let go …it’s like waking up.

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