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FEAR and Gluten in Life

The truth is gluten the little known about evil protein composite found in most grains – has done more damage to the human body than most care to admit.  The very name “gluten” is Latin meaning “Glue” – say no more. Why would anyone eat glue? Its destruction can range from leaky gut to allergies, autoimmune diseases, obesity and the list goes on.

For some gluten is what we give up to be hip & trendy and so we can shop in the better stores that stock gluten free ranges. It’s a show to others that you have to invest more in your diet because for those hooked on bread and pasta, you have to pay more for a better quality bread that has less gluten in it than the awful pure flour & water variety.  So “gluten-free” has become trendy.  Let it be trendy as it is so much better for you when excluded from your food diet. When will people realize the same goes for FEAR.

Fear is very much a part of our mental diet.

So much so that many are stopped at the thought of stepping out of a comfort zone because of a fear. There is  a minority of the planet already flourishing from the experience of overcoming fear by living their lives on the edge. The edge for me years ago was to bungee jump to overcome my fear of heights – I went to the best bungee jump I knew about and of course was in my home country with the best views ever. I bungeed not once but twice over the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe. A staggering although by no means the highest, 111meter bungee. It was one of the best experiences for me as it set me up forever to face my fears rather than letting them control me.  Being stuck in a fear that can paralyze your being is more harmful than gluten will ever be because you wont get a full experience of life.  I’d like to help you to understand the only option as with gluten, is to acknowledge it , know and understand how harmful it is and then let it go or give it up.

What is the worst thing that can happen if I fail or if I get rejected ? Face the fear by questioning it.

I never went weak at the knees looking down from a high rise building however I didn’t like the feeling of fear I had whilst up there –  even though I was perfectly safe. So I chose to face the fear of heights by bunji jumping and then I went on to skydiving and on to doing the most exciting and exhilarating experiences that many wouldn’t dare to.  I have fears like most and I deal with them if they are preventing me from growing or achieving my goal.  Here are my questions I ask myself when I am stuck

 What am I afraid of  ?

  • Is this fear mine or did I inherit/borrow it?
  • What must I do to move forward or get through it ?
  • What’s the worst that can happen when I do what I am afraid to do  ?

How has my life improved ?

I feel I have a had a great experience of life and endeavor to continue achieving my goals and conquering the fears along the way. From hugging sharks to cage diving with Great White Sharks, I have skydived, driven (& fallen off) a CBR600 Honda motorcycle whilst living in London of all the congested places in the world, I have traveled through war torn parts of Africa and climbed some of the high mountains in the world too. So I tell you this not to impress you just to impress upon you that once you let go of one fear you can pretty much let go of the lot. And your experience of life changes from what it was to a world of great excitement and adventure.

Increase your awareness of the situation by asking great questions of yourself.

Increased awareness – this is how this blog is going to enrich your life even if just by a little tiny bit. Lots of little bits compound over time to make huge changes years on from now. Who knows how far this ripple will reach and the effects it will have. This will absolutely open your world to a new and exciting possibilities and a healthier appreciation for life.

I see unhealthy people and I speak with fearful people every day – sadly these people know nothing else because that’s what they have lived with for the longest time. So if this is you, if you feel your life could be better if you could just face that fear and let it go.

For all fears are beliefs we pick along our journey, they may not even be our beliefs. A fear of spiders is easily passed on from a parent to a child when the parent freaks out in front of the child as the spider saunters past. The child learns immediately that that is how to react to spiders and BOOM the fear is instilled in the child. Is that you – do you recognize a fear you have had inherited from a parent or caregiver?


The child who sees the parent pick up the spider in a cup and take it outside to be set free, will not grow up with that same fear of spiders the first child now has. Just a healthy respect for the spider.  IS this you? I hope so  – what a good start to life you have.  I was fortunate to have grown up in Zimbabwe what was then Rhodesia and as a child I remember as clearly as yesterday, driving through Zim down to South Africa in a huge convoy of vehicles, escorted by army trucks in order to assure our safety. I remember clearly my grandfather holding a gun out of the window of the front passenger side – IN CASE we had an incident. I don’t remember Grandad wearing his glasses whilst holding this great big weapon so I wonder if he would have hit anything in the event of him actually firing the gun. In that car, at the time  I inherited the mentality of “face your fear – because it was our only way out” and I am so grateful for that experience. BTW, Grandad never got to fire the weapon thank goodness.

What about fear of failure and rejection, fear of the unknown and all those tough emotional fears .

Have you failed before  ? Have you been rejected before by a lover, a parent, a sibling  or at school. That is a quick way to install a fear is to experience the emotion and never want to go to that space again. It felt awful and we have all been there.

With so many people in dire straits now, desperate to improve their life yet frightened to step out of their comfort zones and face their fears – I urge you to get clear with  what it is that stops you from stepping up and moving forward.  What is the worst that can happen if I am rejected or if I fail ? The answer is usually positive in that I will still be alive and my kids won’t be harmed so what else matters. The call you won’t make because you are afraid you may fail, is the call you simply MUST make in case you do fail. Then it’s done and you can move on knowing that you have failed once so who cares. Learn from it and move on.  What’s the worst that can happen?

Rejection – will I be liked and accepted ?

This is a tribal fear – we all want to be accepted into our tribes and neighboring tribes so a fear of rejection from anything vaguely tribal (social networks have become tribal in many ways) goes back way back to our ancestors. Believing in yourself is the first part to this fear and that comes from more confidence with any situation especially dealing with this fear. Be rejected and bounce back with the learning from each bounce you grow so much and your wisdom blossoms. Rejection will happen if it hasn’t already, at some time in your life so why let a fear of it stop you from stepping up.

What about fear of the unknown ?

Will the snake bite me or slither past? This was what was racing through my step son’s mind last weekend as he had a stare down with our friendly python – on our roof. Tyler was very composed even if his body language was suggesting he was a little nervous. The snake slithered off after checking him out and made for great video (See blog post below) – it also was one of lifes experiences Tyler will always remember as he sat and stared at this snake not sure of it’s next move and not 100% sure it was not venomous. Cool and confident and a little cocky afterward – quite rightly so too. Ultimately fear of the unknown is referring to fear of death because we don’t know enough about the process and what happens afterwards. That shouldn’t stop you from doing something here and now especially if you know your chances are great that you won’t die from doing what you’re about to. So skydive, abseil, scuba dive, drive motor bike if you’ve always wanted to, climb a mountain, have a stare down with a harmless carpet python (notice I said harmless), just do it.

Now gluten is best left out of our edible diets  and fear cleared out of our mental diet to enjoy a whole new experience of Life. These are my opinions and yours now to share. Go to your edge and jump – face your fear and your wings will grow. And stay off the grains.

Be Inspired Be Empowered – live the life of your dreams

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