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Accelerated Learning – Neil Armstrong

Education of our little ones starts at home and is FUNDAMENTAL. If you are a full time mum as I am it’s got to be part of your day to include something educational. Now the best way to learn anything is to have fun in the process – that’s why it’s FUNDAMENTAL – because the FUN comes before DAMENTAL. And with Neil Armstrong’s help we can learn about our first man on the moon.

There is so much these little people take in and learn in their early years by adding a skill called “Accelerated Learning ” to your bag of tricks – you will have a whole lot of fun educating your angels. 50%  of your child’s brain connections are made before they reach their 5th birthday. These connections are created through experiences and games. What’s easily forgotten is how much we adults can take for granted in our day that we don’t  share – for example we saw a caterpillar caught in a spider web hanging on our window. I could have said nothing whilst thinking “I’d better move that before one of my kids finds it” instead I encourage my kids to look at it. I asked them questions about the caterpillar – for example how did he get there ? Every day we have these little opportunities to enrich our children’s lives, to get them thinking and figuring it out,  it will set them up for the school years and the rest of their lives. More importantly the bond you have with your child will be ….. well there are no words to describe it other than sensational.

Here’s an easy example of teaching & learning a groovy fact, like who the first man on the moon was.  When you see the full moon again tell you child that a long time ago there was a race to the moon. And the winner was Neil Armstrong. The easy way to remember this is  reference your knees and say “Neil” bend your arms and say “ARM” and get the biceps bulging say “Strong”. Watch the video above, I am sure the Rudolf Steiner and Maria Montessori would be delighted to see your little ones learning the fun way through accelerated learning techniques. I was fortunate to have worked with Tony Buzan’s company teaching these skills to school kids so come back often as I will share it all one lesson at a time.

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