About Me

Every single day I get to change lives.

From running large workshops for kids of all ages that proves all kids are born brilliant to inspiring adults to be incredible leaders or helping a friend to tick off an adventure from their bucket list (within their own budget) or teaching someone to scuba dive. These are life changing events - I am so blessed to be in this position to enable ordinary people to live an extraordinary life. Life is a journey of as many adventures and experiences as each of us is willing to cram in. All it takes to change your world is an open mind, a sense of humor and a willingness to let go, to step out of your comfort zone. Do get in touch if you want to join my team or you have a feeling I can help you. If you are chasing a dream - I can help. If you want to work within a team who will hold you accountable and ensure you achieve your goals - we want to help. If you have already achieved your goals and are at the top of your game, I could use your help and wisdom, as a leader and mentor to enable my team to achieve success. What are you waiting for? Let's make a difference together. Take action here.

As a Professional Scuba Diver I get involved in a number of interesting dives. Take a look

Sadly the dolphin in the video I had to rescue it's corpse as it drowned in the Brisbane Water. As a member of ORRCA I had to dive in and untangle our girl. It was a very sad day especially having spent time playing with her in The Haven. For more go to www.professionaldiver.com.au