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ONLY pursue this further if you are chasing a big dream and committed to do whatever it takes to develop yourself along the way in order to achieve it. And only if you see your purpose as bigger than yourself i.e. you know you were born to make a difference to the world and have fun on that journey. I can’t wait to meet you.

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Every thing you see around you, began as an idea. Everything was created out of someone’s imagination. Imaginations are muscles, if we don’t exercise them then they waste away or shrink and shut down.  Imaginations should be fed daily with visions and pictures, with dreams that are embraced with emotions. The more we feed our imaginations the more they will serve us . Everything around us came from someone’s imagination so just imagine what’s possible. So what do you picture in your mind, specifically what do you see your son or daughter doing in 20 years time. This vision you hold is influenced dramatically by what you do now to educate your child and feed your child’s imagination in their first 5-7 years of life. So don’t leave it up to day care workers, ensure your child’s imagination is stimulated every day.

Lets help the children in our lives by feeding their imaginations. Stay away from the Television – there are so many fun and exciting ways to educate and stimulate your child’s mind.  The common misconception in us adults  is that learning is dull. We adults may have had less than exciting school lives and certainly don’t want our kids to experience the same so we shy away from stepping out of the box. Speaking of boxes, I hope your little ones have a passion for boxes as mine do – especially those big nappy /diaper boxes. They can easily be transformed into a rocket ship, a racing car or a little stove for cooking play dough cakes in.  Feed your own imagination as you find new exciting ways to stimulate your children’s minds and get those neuron connections firing up  as much as possible in the first 5 years of their life.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the great engine to personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine, that the child of a farm worker can become the president of a great nation.”  The education of your child starts at home with you – so get creative for  the sake of your child’s future.


For more ideas stay tuned to www.Lyndi.com and feel free to leave suggestions or comments too – that way we can all benefit from each others successes.

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The thin edge of the wedge has been used for years to help people understand the value of will power to reach their goals. The story goes, don’t let the thin edge of the wedge (The bad habit) get back in at all or it will literally drive a wedge into your new behavior. For me this has always proven to be the kicker, that thin edge always works it’s way back in there.

Wedge 1

The secret is to turn it around the other way and use the thin edge of your wedge to crack your bad habits, be it procrastination, fear of failure, limiting beliefs, smoking, watching too much TV, over eating etc. Each time you do the new behavior imagine the thin edge of the wedge driving into the old way of doing things. Let’s have a look at how we can make it work for you.

Wedge 2

Both good and bad, use the thin edge of the wedge to both achieve your goals and also ensure you stay on track. Most of us at one time or another (In my case all my life) have been on a diet or tried to give up a particular bad habit or vice and somehow slowly but surely the thin edge of the wedge has made it’s way in and sabotaged our efforts. Here is the scenario you have been doing really well and sticking to your diet or on track to beat than bad habit and the situation arises where you are faced with a decision, Do I accept that ice cream, cigarette or invitation to go out on the town? You know you have been good and so justify to yourself that just one won’t hurt me and I will make up for it next week. So you do it and then next minute you know you are justifying another one saying you may as well enjoy it while you can. Sound familiar? Absolutely. This is a scene you can use to your advantage to reach you goals Work.

The new thin edge helps you to project a new identity from within which is a very powerful concept which I will cover in more depth in another post, essentially you have to make that new behavior part of your identity. For example if you are changing your eating habits you have to have an identity of someone who is thin. I used this concept  to finally nail the fitness and fat up and down at 43 years of age. I took on the identity of a fitness fanatic who was into Paleo lifestyle and then told everyone I could about what I was doing and why.

Wedge 4

Top tips:

  • Tell everyone you have a bad habit and you are going to change it, by when and most importantly START WITH WHY.
  • Publish it on Facebook etc with before and after pictures, make a Youtube video etc Positive Peer Group pressure is very powerful
  • Imagine this as the thin edge of the wedge driving the good habit into the bad habit for the first 21 days, then defend that new habit from the thin edge of the wedge getting back in.
  • Invest time and energy into your new lifestyle.

Use it in all aspects of your life – family, business and social – eventually it will be a big fat wedge of success.


Accelerated Learning with Robots

Recycle old boxes and paint up a robot with your kids. Accelerate their brain development with simple yet fun exercises


Child play

Child play, why is it so important. In these busy times, when parents and children have schedules packed to the max, family closeness can fall by the wayside. Most of us have to make an effort to guarantee that work, school, sports, and chores don’t swallow up the very relationships that make those things important.

When is the last time you played or goofed around with your child? Can you remember back that far? Many parents can’t. Life has made us so serious, so focused, that we’ve lost the joy of the simple things, and play was one of the first to go.

But as any child instinctively knows, play is essential to life. It brightens the heart and lightens the spirit. For kids, who live closer than we do to nature, play is as spontaneous as breathing. Sadly, most grown-ups have lost that skill. Our children can be our refresher course.

Playing with your child brings you back to the present, reminds you of what matters, and slows you down long enough to smell the roses. It also connects you emotionally with your child, rebuilding the closeness that the fast-paced, boring routines of life are all too quick to strip away.

Playing together is even more important for your child than it is for you, because she needs to feel close to you to feel loved and happy. If you’ve neglected time together for long enough, it may appear that your child isn’t interested in your attentions. She may even tell you as much. But that’s just bluster, hiding the fear that you will disappoint her again if she lets herself wish for time alone with you. If you initiate playing together, and do it at frequent intervals, even the most aloof pre-teen will start to look forward to it and, in time, throw herself into the fun.

What kind of playing should you do? Pay attention to the activities your child engages in: his idea of enjoyment. If these things seem boring to you, try hanging out nearby, observing as he does them, with words that express your curiosity. You just may find you actually develop a genuine interest. If your child is a couch potato, take up your perch on the couch beside him, but after you’re allowed “in,” initiate some play that might be more pleasant than TV.

Think back to what you did as a child that was memorable, especially activities you did with your parents that stay with you still. Think about things that are free or cost little, that involve experiencing life together. Start a list of ideas as they come, and add any of the following that you resonate with:

  • Raking stacks of autumn leaves, then jumping or rolling in them
  • Taking a hike through the forest preserve
  • Skating at the roller rink together
  • Walking the dog, taking turns with the rope
  • Reading comics or joke books together (or books of poetry or stories)
  • Making cookies, pizza or a cake
  • Building a fort out of snow or chairs and blankets
  • Playing hide and seek, hide the thimble, cards or board games
  • Lying on a blanket looking up at the stars
  • Sitting in front of the wood stove in a dark room, telling stories
  • Making shadow figures on the wall with your hands and a flashlight
  • Having a treasure hunt
  • Roasting marshmallows over a fire
  • Watching a parade
  • Going to the aquarium, zoo or museum
  • Flying kites together
  • Building something
  • Making a scrapbook
  • Making up a silly poem or song
  • Watching a movie, with popcorn and no interruptions
  • Playing a memory game, like “I’m going to Grandma’s house, and in my suitcase I’m going to pack …”
  • Getting up early to watch the sunrise from a hill
  • Playing games of pretend
  • Going somewhere special, like the beach
  • Having a pancake picnic in the snow

Playing together is different than finding entertaining activities for your child. Play involves you, while entertainment excuses you from the picture. If you find yourself saying, “But my schedule is too busy for any of the things on that list,” consider whether your schedule needs some pruning. After all, who’s going to remember in 20 years if you stay late at work or not next Tuesday? But will your child ever forget the Tuesday you ride the rollercoaster together?

Closeness with a child cannot be taken for granted. Like any other relationship, it will slip away unless it’s made a priority. Nothing builds trust and bonding with a child like sharing a moment of silliness and laughter. Come together for light-hearted play, and you just may find your child opens up about serious subjects. The relaxed atmosphere of play helps us let our guard down and reveal more of ourselves.

When you play together, let your child feel like the most important person in your world. Give him your undivided attention: no cell phones, no interruptions, no slipping into your own private thoughts. Be present – body, mind and spirit. Then let yourself do whatever comes naturally, with the abandon you felt when you yourself were a child. Your instincts will be your guide.

Growing closer through play is easy. It just takes dedicated moments, given on a fairly regular basis, so your child begins to count on having time with you.

Let your child re-teach you the wonderful secrets of play. You both will feel more secure and peaceful – and a whole lot happier, as the reason you do it all for, starts to come back to you


Accelerated Learning

Have fun painting or drawing on rocks with clay just like the cavemen used to and educate your kids at [click to continue…]


Steve Jobs, visionary behind Apple dies

To ensure your dreams come true go to www.InspireWithLyndi.com .Thank you Steve Jobs, visionary extraordinaire


Accelerated Learning – The Bug Box

Accelerated learning is how you educated your child in a fun and entertaining way that will help your child accelerate through his /her school years. There are many techniques you can learn from any of the hundreds of books available, or just use your own surroundings and a little right brain creativity to enthrall and educate your angels. It is easy to give your kids an extraordinary headstart in life.

Our bug box is a collection of dead bugs we have found in our garden containing bees, cicadas, spiders, grasshoppers, beetles and even a centipede. We also have funky seed pods and a snakes skin left behind by our resident carpet python (harmless in case you’re freaking out) . All you need to do is keep the dead bugs you would normally sweep out or jump away from. Keep them in a box so you can revisit them and dissect and examine them. Count their legs, their body parts and learn some facts about these creatures whilst handling them. Your kids learn not to be afraid of these dead fellows and to respect the live ones when we cross their path. They get a total sensory experience by handling them, looking at their body parts. It’s is an awesome learning experience and one we can all do as we all have bugs & beetles.

Check out this video to get an idea of how to accelerate your child’s brain connections and have fun in the process. It’s a fundamental learning experience because the FUN comes before DAMENTAL.


Accelerated Learning – Neil Armstrong

Education of our little ones starts at home and is FUNDAMENTAL. If you are a full time mum as I am it’s got to be part of your day to include something educational. Now the best way to learn anything is to have fun in the process – that’s why it’s FUNDAMENTAL – because the FUN comes before DAMENTAL. And with Neil Armstrong’s help we can learn about our first man on the moon.

There is so much these little people take in and learn in their early years by adding a skill called “Accelerated Learning ” to your bag of tricks – you will have a whole lot of fun educating your angels. 50%  of your child’s brain connections are made before they reach their 5th birthday. These connections are created through experiences and games. What’s easily forgotten is how much we adults can take for granted in our day that we don’t  share – for example we saw a caterpillar caught in a spider web hanging on our window. I could have said nothing whilst thinking “I’d better move that before one of my kids finds it” instead I encourage my kids to look at it. I asked them questions about the caterpillar – for example how did he get there ? Every day we have these little opportunities to enrich our children’s lives, to get them thinking and figuring it out,  it will set them up for the school years and the rest of their lives. More importantly the bond you have with your child will be ….. well there are no words to describe it other than sensational.

Here’s an easy example of teaching & learning a groovy fact, like who the first man on the moon was.  When you see the full moon again tell you child that a long time ago there was a race to the moon. And the winner was Neil Armstrong. The easy way to remember this is  reference your knees and say “Neil” bend your arms and say “ARM” and get the biceps bulging say “Strong”. Watch the video above, I am sure the Rudolf Steiner and Maria Montessori would be delighted to see your little ones learning the fun way through accelerated learning techniques. I was fortunate to have worked with Tony Buzan’s company teaching these skills to school kids so come back often as I will share it all one lesson at a time.

For more come back to www.LYNDI.com


FEAR and Gluten in Life

Truth is gluten the little known about  evil protein composite found in most grains – has done more damage to the human body than most care to admit.  The very name “gluten” is Latin meaning “Glue” – say no more. Why would anyone eat glue? It’s destruction can range from leaky gut to allergies, autoimmune disease s, obesity and the list goes on.

For some gluten is what we give up to be hip & trendy and so we can shop in the better stores that stock gluten free ranges. It’s a show to others that you have to invest more in your diet because for those hooked on bread and pastas, you have to pay more for a better quality bread that has less gluten in it than the awful pure flour & water variety.  So “gluten-free” has become trendy.  Let it be trendy  as it is so much better for you when excluded from your food diet. When will people realize the same  goes for FEAR.

Fear is very much apart of our mental diet.

So much so that many are stopped  at the thought of stepping out of a comfort zone because of a fear. There is  minority of the planet already flourishing from the experience of overcoming fear by living their lives on the edge. The edge for me years ago was to bungi jump to overcome my fear of heights – I went to the best bungi jump I knew about and of course was in my home country with the best views ever. I bungied not once but twice over the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe. A staggering although by no means the highest  , 111meter bungi. It was one of the best experiences for me as it set me up forever to face my fears rather than letting them control me.  Being stuck in a fear that can paralyze your being is more harmful than gluten will ever be, because you wont get a full experience of life.  I’d like to help you to understand the only option as with gluten, is to acknowledge it , know and understand how harmful it is  and then let it go or give it up.

What is the worst thing that can happen if I fail or if I get rejected ? Face the fear by questioning it.

I never went weak at the knees looking down from a high rise building however I didn’t like the feeling of fear I had whilst up there –  even though I was perfectly safe. So I chose to face the fear of heights by bunji jumping and then I went on to skydiving and on to doing the most exciting and exhilarating experiences that many wouldn’t dare to.  I have fears like most and I deal with them if they are preventing me from growing or achieving my goal.  Here are my questions I ask myself when I am stuck

 What am I afraid of  ?

  • Is this fear mine or did I inherit/borrow it?
  • What must I do to move forward or get through it ?
  • What’s the worst that can happen when I do what I am afraid to do  ?

How has my life improved ?

I feel I have a had a great experience of life and endeavor to continue achieving my goals and conquering the fears along the way. From hugging sharks to cage diving with Great White Sharks, I have sky dived, driven (& fallen off) a CBR600 Honda motorcycle whilst living in London of all the congested places in the world, I have travelled through war torn parts of Africa and climbed some of the high mountains in the world too. So I tell you this not to impress you just to impress upon you that once you let go of one fear you can pretty much let go of the lot. And your experience of life changes from what it was to a world of great excitement and adventure.

Increase your awareness of the situation by asking great questions of yourself.

Increased awareness – this is how this blog is going to enrich your life even if just by a little tiny bit. Lots of little bits compound over time to make huge changes years on from now. Who knows how far this ripple will reach and the affects it will have. This will absolutely open your world to a new and exciting possibilities and a healthier appreciation for life.

I see unhealthy people and I speak with fearful people everyday – sadly these people know nothing else because that’s what they have lived with for the longest time. So if this is you , if you feel your life could be better if you could just face that fear and let it go.

For all fears are beliefs we pick along our journey, they may not even be our beliefs. A fear of spiders is easily passed on from a parent to a child when the parent freaks out in front of the child as the spider saunters past. The child learns immediately that that is how to react to spiders and BOOM the fear is installed in the child. Is that you – do you recognize a fear you have had inherited from a parent or care giver?


The child who sees the parent pick up the spider in a cup and take it out side to be set free, will not grow up with that same fear of spiders the first child now has. Just a healthy respect for the spider.  IS this you ? I hope so  – what a good start to life you have.  I was fortunate to have grown up in Zimbabwe what was then Rhodesia and as a child I remember as clearly as yesterday,, driving through Zim down to South Africa in a huge convey of vehicles, escorted by army trucks in order to assure our safety. I remember clearly my grand father holding a gun out of the window of the front passenger side – IN CASE we had an incident. I don’t remember Grandad wearing his glasses whilst holding this great big weapon so I wonder if he would have hit anything in the event of him actually firing the gun. In that car at the time  I inherited the mentality of “face your fear – because it was our only way out” and I am so grateful for that experience. BTW, Grandad never got to fire the weapon thank goodness.

What about fear of failure and rejection, fear of the unknown and all those tough emotional fears .

Have you failed before  ? Have you been rejected before by a lover, a parent, a sibling  or at school. That is a quick way to install a fear is to experience the emotion and never want to go to that space again. It felt awful and we have all been there.

With so many people in dire straits now, desperate to improve their life yet frightened to step out of their comfort zones and face their fears – I urge you to get clear with  what it is that stops you from stepping up and moving forward.  What is the worst that can happen if I am rejected or if I fail ? The answer is usually positive in that I will still be alive and my kids wont be harmed so what else matters. The call you wont make because you are afraid you may fail, is the call you simply MUST make in case you do fail. Then it’s done and you can  move on knowing that you have failed once so who cares. Learn from it and move on.  What’s the worst that can happen ?

Rejection – will I be liked and accepted ?

This is a tribal fear – we all want to be accepted into our tribes and neighboring tribes so a fear of rejection from anything vaguely tribal (social networks have become tribal in many ways) goes back way back to our ancestors. Believing in your self is the first part to this fear and that comes from more confidence with any situation especially dealing with this fear. Be rejected and bounce back with the learning from each bounce you grow so much and your wisdom  blossoms. Rejection will happen if it hasn’t already , at some time in your life so why let a fear of it stop you from stepping up.

What about fear of the unknown ?

Will the snake bite me or slither past ? This was what was racing through my step son’s mind last weekend as he had a stare down with our friendly python – on our roof. Tyler was very composed even if his body language was suggesting he was a little nervous. The snake slithered off after checking him out and made for great video (See blogg post below) – it also was one of life’s experiences Tyler will always remember as he sat and starred at this snake not sure of  it’s next move and not 100% sure it was not venomous . Cool and confident and a little cocky afterwards – quite rightly so too. Ultimately fear of the unknown is referring to fear of death because we don’t know enough about the process and what happens after wards. That shouldn’t stop you from doing something here and now especially if you know your chances are great that you wont die from doing what you’re about to. So skydive , abseil, scuba dive, drive  motor bike if you’ve always wanted to, climb a mountain, have a stare down with a harmless carpet python (notice I said harmless), just do it.

Now gluten is best left out of our edible diets  and fear cleared out of our mental diet to enjoy a whole new experience of Life. These are my opinions and yours now to share. Go to your edge and jump – face your fear and your wings will grow. And stay off the grains.

Be Inspired Be Empowered – live the life of your dreams



Face your fear of heights by bunji jumping – I found it works a treat as I then went on [click to continue…]


Tylers Snake Stare Down HD

Our resident snake has a stare down with our 15 year. There is really nothing to fear here but we [click to continue…]


Inspire With Lyndi

We inspire the ordinary to be extraordinary and enable them to live a fulfilling life


Show Me the Money

Isn’t strange how the people with very little money are the people who generally will say they have no money to invest in themselves – when that’s is exactly what is required of them in order to change their circumstances.

So many are looking for more and when the action is required to change your life, the courage to find the money to make that happen evaporates. For some I am sure it’s a lot easier to stay in the rut and follow the herd – never experiencing their true potential because they don’t have faith in themselves at that right time. If you had only a few bucks left in your wallet and your car broke down miles from home – would you pay someone $400 to get it towed or would you leave the car on the street and hope that all 4 wheels are still there when you return to it. We’d find the money to tow the car yet people in these tight spots seldom find the courage to find the money to invest in their own education & growth.

It is so easy to find a credit card these days in fact they hand them out freely in all the countries I have lived in. Get one online with just a few easy clicks you can have half a dozen mailed to you the next day. Money is what you need to get you out of the thinking that got you into this tight spot to begin with.

From personal experience the money always comes in a weird way, when you step up and take that leap of faith . I was “crewing” a huge UK Tony Robbins UPW event in 2000 and listening on the sides to Tony’s particular lesson. In this session he asked the audience to make a decision that will absolutely change your life for ever. It had to be a big decision – life changing. At the time I had ended a training contract British Airways a few months earlier and had nearly finished renovating my apartment so my money was spent. My life changing decision was to fly to Hawaii that September (only 3 months away) and attend the best Tony Robbins seminar – Life Mastery. This was going to cost me a thousands of pounds. I didn’t have the money at the time – that didn’t stop me.

I broke all the rules I had been taught in my stocks & share trading course and listened in to a tip on a chat room. Bought the stock pretty cheap and the price rocketed. Just in time for the seminar I sold it all and paid for my trip to Hawaii. Credit cards followed however I had found a way and it was all by chance that this stock I picked increased in share price because I was really new to trading at that stage.

How did my life change from this experience, well I met my now husband in Hawaii on the same seminar as I was (with 1500 other people) 2 children and several stamps in the passport my life has changed dramatically.

My point is – if there is an opportunity to improve your circumstances and you have to find the cash to move forward, FIND THE CASH, it will be worth it I promise.

The Day that Changed our Lives



Swim in a Puddle

Back in ’94 I had the awesome opportunity to travel  with a company called African Trails, down  across & down Africa covering 22 countries one of which was Zaire now known as The Congo. It was rainy season when we got to The Congo and the jungles were wet, green, over grown & muddy. The roads were not tarred they were mud in most cases and from our first border crossing into the Congo, to our first town – we had 56 bridges to cross and a distance of about 400kms to travel. These bridges were made of logs of trees that in many cases were rotting away.  Not good when your 20 ton Leyland truck with all your worldly possessions were in them, had to cross safely – each time. There was seldom room for a 2nd chance.

One of fine day, travelling with another truck full of adventurers namely The Hobos, we came to a puddle – the biggest puddle on a road I’d ever seen. There was no work to be done to this puddle, as normally we would re-route a river that crossed a road or build a bridge or dig the mud out until we were able to safely maneuver through the obstacle. Today was a different day as we had only 1 choice and that was to drive straight through the puddle. We did need to know how deep the “puddle” was – so I volunteered to walk it.

Amazing what you’ll do when encouraged by your team,  as my walk became a swim.  I think I might be one of the very few people in the world to have ever had a swim in a puddle.

Why does this matter ?

Have you ever done something out of the ordinary – ever volunteered to do something others wont ? If you have you know the satisfaction & the growth (yes growth) you get from doing something extraordinary. It’s one of those amazing gifts you are given you must take and run with because few  will. Find the courage inside – we all have courage. You must trust yourself and especially your intuition that this opportunity is for you. And having that experience in your personal tool bag enables you to apply it to anything challenging further down your path. “Yes I can” becomes your mantra – what a  powerful mantra to keep reinforcing your subconscious.

Step out of your comfort zone just once, twice , three times until you have no idea what your comfort zone ever was. Take that leap of faith or just swim in a puddle and your life will never be the same again.  Here’s the video of my swim.

Be Inspired Be Empowered,